Kirsten Doyne

I'm from Charlotte, NC and I recently came to New York to become a web developer. I used to work at an Apple Store as a genius. Before that I graduated from architecture school at UNC Charlotte. I want to use my problem solving background and my technical skills to make meaningful things. I'm currently working at as a front end developer. Check out some of my work!

Argos Crunchbase Viz
This was a project that I made in 18 hours at the TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon in NYC. My team won the award for the CrunchBase API. It's a visualization of CrunchBase data using the Esri Maps API. It was our first hackathon and a lot of fun! Be warned, the CrunchBase API is in beta and does not always return good results.
This is a project for sharing and discovering architecturally significant buildings. Users can sign up and create trips, add buildings and architects, and find buildings close by. This was the first Rails app I made. Check out the github page here.
This project is an exploratory learning application. A user enters a word or topic on the main page. They are then taken to a word tree with related words. They can also see definitions, videos, pictures, and other information about the topic. They can track their journey and share topics with others. This is a rails app that includes a lot of JavaScript and D3.
Startup SOS
This was a side project done during the class. I used to work as a Genius for Apple and I had a lot of people come to me with a lot of support questions. This simple app helps walk you through start up issues on a Mac. It is mainly designed to be used on a smart phone.
This was my final project during class. It is an app that allows you and your roommates to keep your household organized. Once you and your roommates join the app you can share calendar info, split bills, and keep a shopping list. You can also text events to the site and get your shopping list via text message. Check out the github page here.
These are photos, renderings, and drawings from a variety of projects that I worked on during my time in archecture school and after. These include anything from digital renderings to hand made models and even an orchestrated meal.